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National Geographic Establishes In-house Agency that Brings Together Still and Moving Image Archives and Award-Winning Photographers



I have been a contributing photographer to the National Geographic Image Collection since 2010 and recently the Image Collection changed and it is now known as National Geographic Creative.

National Geographic Creative is an agency that represents photographers working in both photography and video, tailoring work to meet the needs of a new kind of client who demands unique imagery for their campaigns and assignments.

Press Release:

WASHINGTON (June 4, 2013)

National Geographic Creative Builds Single Destination for Content and Talent, Targeted to Creative Community

WASHINGTON (June 4, 2013)—For the first time, National Geographic has gathered its expansive archive of still and moving images and its roster of award-winning photographic and filmmaking talent and made them accessible to the creative community in one place, through National Geographic Creative.

National Geographic Creative is an in-house agency that brings together National Geographic’s photography and video stock collection and talent representation agency. The agency licenses National Geographic photography and video to commercial and editorial clients and makes National Geographic talent available for custom marketing campaigns, in branded and non-branded formats. The agency has just launched a fully searchable, intuitive database at

The new portal gives professional content buyers immediate access to hundreds of photographs and footage as well as National Geographic’s pool of award-winning photographers and filmmakers.

“National Geographic has one of the world’s richest archives of still and moving imagery, with a perspective that we believe is unique to the market. We excel in providing images of people, places, exploration, science and nature that are thoughtful, compelling and evocative for editorial and commercial clients,” said Alice Keating, vice president of sales and marketing, National Geographic Creative. “Using the expertise of our talent and the unique imagery of National Geographic, we have collaborated with global brands such as Canon, HSBC and DuPont to create advertising campaigns and corporate branding materials. With National Geographic Creative, we hope to expand our services to an even wider array of advertisers, marketers, editorial publishers and other creative professionals, as we make it easier than ever for them to access our content.”

National Geographic is also launching a companion site, the National Geographic Creative Studio ( The Creative Studio allows advertising and marketing partners to harness the power of National Geographic’s storytelling capabilities for custom campaigns across all media — owned, earned and paid.

“We are in a unique position at National Geographic,” says Jenifer Berman, vice president of marketing and director of the Creative Studio. “We have an iconic brand that consumers love. With our new digital storytelling capabilities, we are stronger than ever before, and our ability to use all these assets to tell stories for our clients is truly powerful.”

The photography section of National Geographic Creative includes hundreds of thousands of photos from National Geographic’s vast archive of more than 11.5 million images. Images can be searched, downloaded and licensed directly from the database. The section features select galleries based on editorial stories, popular search terms, subject matter and themes.

The motion section of the site comprises more than 100,000 clips as well as a unique collection of short-form videos available for use in commercial, editorial and educational markets. The collection is constantly updated with new video from the field and programming made by National Geographic Television. Content is available to download directly from the site in a variety of formats.

The talent section gives the creative community access to National Geographic’s unique roster of talented content creators, including Frans Lanting, Joel Sartore, Annie Griffiths and Michael Yamashita, who can be used as resources to shoot, manage or be incorporated into campaigns.

National Geographic Creative can be accessed at, by phone at (202) 857-7537, on email at and at Twitter @NatGeoCreative.

About National Geographic

The National Geographic Society is one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations. Its mission is to inspire people to care about the planet. Founded in 1888, the member-supported Society offers a community for members to get closer to explorers, connect with other members and help make a difference. The Society reaches more than 450 million people worldwide each month through National Geographic and other magazines, National Geographic Channel, television documentaries, music, radio, films, books, DVDs, maps, exhibitions, live events, school publishing programs, interactive media and merchandise. National Geographic has funded more than 10,000 scientific research, conservation and exploration projects and supports an education program promoting geographic literacy.

For more information, visit


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